Django Introduction

What is Django?

Django is a web framework written in Python programming language. Its free and open source. Developers call it a “batteries-included” web framework because it comes with lots of built-in features (like Authentication, Sitemaps, Admin Site and many more ).

Many people say that Django has a steep learning curve for newcommers. With my experience, I have found that, like everything else, when you invest sufficient time and effort, it will become easy for you.

A web framework! What is it?

A web framework helps you build websites faster and easier. To build, most websites require similar set of components : ways to handle user authentication (sign up, sign in, logout, passwor reset), an admin panel to manage website, forms, a way to upload files, etc. So, over time many developers together created frameworks (like Django) that gives us ready-made components to use. Web frameworks save our time while working on our ideas. They help us to easily reach from idea to prototype and then product at fast speed.